Our development- step by step

Already in the 20ies there is a lot of skiing activity on the hills of Achomitz, initiated by the agile Filip Millonig, and due to the hand-made skis of the wagon-maker Franz Kriegl, Ignaz Wiegele and the carpenter Andreas Ottowitz.

In 1952, the year of the great avalanche disaster in Heiligenblut, two volunteers get to know each other, namely Janko Wiegele, student from Achomitz, and Janez Gorisek, ski-jumper from Ljubljana (Planica). Later on the two of them meet the engineer Stanko Bloudek, who is going to be the constructor  of the ski jump in Planica. Soon the 30 m high ski jump is being built with the help of many volunteers.

In 1953 the SVA, which is the Sports Club Achomitz, is officially registered. The founders being Johann Wiegele, Hansi Millonig, Franz Wiegele, Franz Schnabl and Franz Zwitter. The first trainer is Janez Saksida from Ljubljana. Franz Wiegele is with it right from the start, first as ski jumper himself, then as trainer.

In 1954 the first ski jumping for the “Gailtal Cup” takes place, in addition the athletes from Achomitz  participate in other competitions. In 1958 the first generation of ski jumpers in Achomitz has settled in and is gaining increasing acknowledgement. Some of those pioneers were Franz Wiegele, Lois and Karl Trunk, Ferdl Frank, Valentin Wiegele, Janko Zwitter, Sepp Fuchs and Hans Schnabl.

In 1959 Johann Wiegele does his doctorate in Vienna and comes to Carinthia, where he runs the construction of the 60 m ski jump in Achomitz (?).

Three years later the opening ski jumping takes place, the first jumper being Valentin Wiegele and the winner being Bozo Jemc from Bled. The rise to fame began.

In 1969 Sepp Grazer (student II), Karl Schnabl (youth I) and Hans Millonig (youth II) win an Austrian championship title.

In the year of 1974 at the 23rd Intersport ski-jumping competition Schnabl, Wallner and Millonig beat the rest of all the ski-jumpers of the world.

Two years later Karl Schnabl wins  gold and bronze at the Olympics in Insbruck, while Wallner gets the 6. place. From 1980 on the young generation develops and crowds round Wallner, the one who had remained faithful.

Paul Erat, Norbert Mörtl and Franz Wiegele get top positions again. The latter becomes world champion of the juniors.

His achievements are followed by Herwig Millonig (in the team event-gold at the Junior World Cup) and Thomas Kuglitsch (in the team event- silver also at the Junior World Cup) in the next few years.

In 1985, in Planica, Franz Wiegele achieves with his 184m jump the Austrian record referring to the distance.

In 1988 the ski jumpers have to face a stroke of fate - Dr. Janko Wiegele, the driving force, dies unexpectedly. Martin Wiegele, the brother of the passed-on  initiator, Ignaz Wiegele and the tireless Franz Wiegele sen., supported by the vice mayor Janko Zwitter and other hard- working idealists, run the construction of the modern ski jump. Furthermore  interest groups for ski jumping at schools are formed in order to animate the younger generation for this sport. In 1993/1994 the new ski jump, equipped  with snow cannon and ski lift, is opened in the northern regional training center. Newly motivated a young pool of ski jumpers is built up and every year 4 to 5 national and international events take place. More and more girls now also join the pool of jumpers, while a trainer squad with Franz Wiegele jun., Martin Wiegele and Janko Zwitter jun. is being developed. Besides a group of judges, which is formed only of club members, is trained. Due to the construction of the mat ski jump center in Villach, it has become possible to perform this sport all year long. Alpine combined and cross-country skiing are added to the training program.

After long planning a house is going to be built for the purposes of sport and those of the local fire brigade (1998). In August of 1999 the cut of the spade and the beginning of the construction take place under the supervision of the local authority of Hohenthurn and of the Sports Club Achomitz. The opening date is set in the year 2000/2001. The premises for the sports club are going to be a  fitness room, a cloakroom for the cross-country skiers, an office, a service room, a garage and a hall, which can also be used by the general public.

In the  same year (1999) our young ski-jumper Stefan Kaiser becomes world champion of the Juniors in Saalfelden in the team event, in addition he receives the bronze medal in the individual event. Furthermore he wins the Continental Cup and receives gold and silver at the Junior Olympics. This successful season is rounded off by Martin Kuglitsch, who wins the Austria Cup as well as the Austrian competition in his class.

The year 2000 is a very good season – Drage Tanja gets the Austrian championship title in her class and Stefaner Katrin comes second. Martin Kuglitsch gets the Carinthian championship title in the category of »special ski jumping« and Drage Tanja receives the Carinthian championship title of the  girls. Tomaž Druml and Stefaner Katrin  both get the championship title in the category of Alpine combined. In the general class, Walluschnig Josef can earn a championship title. Our Stefan Kaiser strikes again and wins gold at the World Championship of the Juniors in the team event. At the so-called “Alpencup” he becomes second in the overall placing. Fortunately we could also bring the construction of our multi-purpose house to an end and also begin using it, within this year.

In the season of 2000/2001 Stefan Kaiser joins the World Cup team, and  becomes 7th of the elite of the world, at the ski jumping in Obersdorf. In Falun (Sweden) he makes the 9th place at the World Cup. Furthermore he becomes third in the individual event at the World Cup of the Juniors in Karpasc and in the team event he becomes World Champion of the Juniors. His most successful season is rounded off by his excellent achievements at the Intercontinental-Cup.

But the girls can take the boys on any time- Stefaner Katrin makes the Austrian Championship title in the category of Alpine combined and becomes first twice at the Austria-Cup. We are not only very proud of the excellent achievements of our athletes, but we are also very happy about the opening of our sport- and fire-brigade house on July 27th 2001.

With the ski jump and the new house we can provide the equipment needed to train enthusiastic young people who are the future heroes of the ski- jumping sport.



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